Presentation held at Bioenergy Congress in St.Petersburg, by Alexey Beschastnov, 2020
Current situation and long-term trends, affecting the development of bioenergy.
Tissue trumps again, Risk for Derailment.
B3NCH update: A Review of the financial state of the industry
By Joachim Klein and Sarah Rabl
Downturn and Corona Calamities!
Tissue trumps again, Risk for Derailment.
Mixed economic and industry outlook | More pressure expected from rising costs |
Prices down, demand up? | Product development and innovation as top priority |
Sustainability is a key driver | Digitalization top trend but not top priority
Corona Calamities, Digital Dreams and Innovation!
Most pessimistic outlook since 2012 • Pricing and margin management top priority • Digitalization second least priority even though productivity and efficiency benefits already achieved • Cost reduction biggest priority gainer • M&A with biggest priority drop • US reconfirmed as most attractive region
Survival Instead of Digital?
Transformation through Digitalization

By Joachim Klein and Sarah Rabl, 2019
HR - The Forgotten Child?
Published in Tissue World Magazine, September/October 2019

By Alexander Wirth, 2019
Digitalization in Tissue: Significant potentials yet to be captured
Presentation held at Saint-Petersburg International Forestry Forum

By Veronica Schey and Nelli Yanytska, 2019
Industry 4.0 — The Experience of Leading Forest Products Players
Digitalization has become top of mind in the industry • The technical platforms and capabilities for digitalization already exist – opportunity for early movers • The highest benefits are expected in cost reduction and in supply chain • Most digitalization/Industry 4.0 projects are in the operational environment • Top barriers are lack of awareness, change management requirements, technical infrastructure and a missing ROI
The mill of the future — Digitalization & Industry 4.0
2018 a very positive year for Russian forest industry sector • 2019 sector likely to be confronted with new restrictive policies • Discussed restrictions: 100% export ban and 100% RFID control for round wood, 100% merchandise exchange trade for exports of round and sawn wood • Federal Forestry Agency started review of all forest lease agreements • Nevertheless: Overall projections for 2019 mostly positive
Good year 2018 for Russia, and changes ahead
Most negative outlook since financial crisis • Stagnant demand and price drops expected • Priorities on cost reduction, pricing and margin management • Digitalization & Industry 4.0 a top priority • Plastic substitution opportunities
Digital remedy to an analogue decline?
Optimierungspotenziale in der Wertschöpfungskette & Prioritäten der Industrie
Abstract of presentation held at Symposium der Papieringenieure 2018 in Cologne
Published in Wochenblatt für Papierfabrikation 12/2018, Fachzeitschrift für die Papier- und Zellstoff-Industrie
Digitalisierung und Industrie 4.0
Signs of slowing growth • Pricing, product development, and M&A key priorities • US confirmed as most attractive region • North America ranked most competitive location globally • Skepticism about benefit of Smart Manufacturing
Full steam ahead or time to take a breath?
Digitalization and Industry 4.0 can help capture untapped potentials in forestry, paper and packaging. Opportunities of €10bn in Working Capital alone
Think Beyond. Today! — Digitalization and Industry 4.0
A view on the industry's readiness for Industry 4.0, and Digitalization in the value chain
Digitally Prepared?
Summary of 2018 European Pulp and Paper Outlook Survey
Up, up, up – the only way is up?
A review of the financial state of the industry
Euphoria: Sustainable or Transitory? Pulp performs and Tissue trumps again!
A view on the Industry's readiness for Industry 4.0 and developments since 2015
Digitally Prepared?
Abstract of presentation held at PTS Coating Symposium 2017 in Munich
The Role of Industry 4.0 in the Market Context of Coated Paper and Board
Companies in pulp, paper and packaging outperform the market. Five year CAGR of StepChange B3NCH Index (SBI) higher than any other major global index.
Press Release: StepChange B3NCH Index (SBI) outperforms
Survey Results of Economic outlook survey for North American RISI conference 2017
Americas First?!
A review of the global economic and political climate and the financial state of the industry
Paper, Packaging and Populism
Tailor-fit industry due diligence: Uncovering M&A risks and rewards
Diligent Due Diligence
Achieving sourcing results in strategic categories
Good Buy II – Get me results!
Alle sechs Monate veröffentlicht das Beratungsunternehmen StepChange Consulting eine zusammenfassende Analyse der wichtigsten Finanzkennzahlen ausgewählter Marktteilnehmer der Industrie.
M&A und Umstrukturierungen zeigen Wirkung
Presentation held at Paper and Biorefinery Conference in Graz, by Alexander Wirth and Valentin Schenkenfelder, 2017
Buyer-Seller Viewpoint Analysis
Summary of 2017 European Pulp and Paper Outlook study reveals continued bullish expectations
Boom or Fake?
Survey Results of Economic outlook survey for North American RISI conference 2016
Climbing the mountain with enough fuel
Industry survey confirms demand growth expectation
Pulp paradox – a new horizon?
Presentation held at Wood Markets 2016 Global Softwood Log & Lumber Conference in Vancouver, by Jukka Halonen, 2016
Russian sawmilling industry heading high?
A review of the global economic climate and the financial performance of the Pulp and Paper industry
Tissue Trumps!
Austria's competitiveness and readiness for Industry 4.0 Study
Pulp and Paper in Austria 2016
2016 Outlook study reveals: negative outlook in almost all paper segments
Sentiment Down – Bad weather ahead?
What's in it for Pulp, Paper & Packaging?
Industry 4.0
What digital can do for the Paper Industry
Industry 4.0
Innovation management in fiber based packaging
Don't wait! Innovate!
Improving business success by managing process volatility through lean process capabilities
Making a difference: From consistently in-constant towards consistent constancy
Evaluierung der Wettbewerbsfähigkeit Österreichs als Standort für die Holz- und Papierindustrie
Österreich - Handelst du schon oder wartest du noch?
Results of 2015 Pulp and Paper Outlook and European Competitiveness Survey
Temporary relief or tipping point?
Slice and Dice!
A view on customer segmentation in paper
and packaging
Lean machine — Case study – Lean Workstream: Improving lost time from breaks
By Alexander Wirth and Peter Khaut, 2015
Right location but close to the tipping point?
Results from 2014 North American forest based industry survey